10 Best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016 Under $500

10 Best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016 Under $500

Are you looking for Best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016?

Are you struck between the decision on what 2 Wheel Segway are the best when it comes under $500?

With the market filled with Hoverboards of different brands; isn’t it of utmost important to know the best quality product which could give out some solid performance…

“You have this incredibly innovative machine but it looks very traditional.”- Steve jobs

Don’t you think so?

I feel the same like you do!

And today I have something that will help you take the right decision when it comes to buying a Hoverboard.

20 Insane Best 2 Wheel Segway for Solid Performance under Budget you can think of…

…ranging under $500.

You are damn excited I see!

Well I’m too a bit.. So lets begin further… shall we?

Best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016

#1: SE Extreme

The hoverboard for those looking for adventure:

  • All-terrain, shock-absorbent tires
  • 8.5″ alloy rims
  • Dual 400w motors
  • 15 km/h top speed
  • IP54 dust-proof / waterproof
  • Front and rear LED lights – provide illumination
  • Bluetooth connectivity – control your hoverboard using a smartphone or tablet
  • Wireless speaker – play music right from your hoverboard!
  • Sleek design with over-sized mudguards
  • Fully charged in just 2.5 hours
  • 15 km range with full charge*

*Range under ideal riding conditions (flat, even terrain)


This a budget friendly product coming at $449 and is a very cost saving product for the beginners.

This hoverboard is highly recommended to people who requires a long lasting product.

#2: Q3 Self Balancing Segway

Q3 unlike other brands, had made its name in Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter’s;
with lines of segways in different series.

Q3 Segway comes at the same price of Shenzhen segway. It comes with a 4400mAh large capacity Samsung lithium-polymer battery and gives ride up 25km on a single charge.

However it goes only  upto a top speed of 10 km/hr.

It’s supposedly to have a run time of 15 miles on a full charge and this version tops out at about 6 MPH. Once you hit top speed though it becomes a bit unstable, especially if you are on any surface other than a very flat one.

These hoverboards comes with aluminum finish, thus giving it a lighter weight.

Q3 Segway has a solid performance which is essential in riding hoverboards without any problems.

“Considering the price point, Q3 Segway is definitely worth it..But..You will have to bear your rides with low speed. “

The Q3 Segway is easy to carry about and can take some steady slow speed rides. To get even more greater speeds; it is recommended to buy another product.


#3: Q3 Bluetooth Speaker Segway

Q3 fashion self balancing scooter, specially designed with double Bluetooth speakers. It’s price comes $10 less than the Q3 Segway.

Q3 Segway and Q3 Bluetooth Speaker Segway only differ in the feature that, this hoverboard is able to play muisc via bluetooth.

The unique feature of this hoverboard is that Q3 Bluetooth Speaker Segway is IP54 grade dust proof and waterproof, preventing harmful dust accumulation and no worry about light & rain.

The 30 degree climbing angle, makes it easy to climb sloppy areas.The sturdy PC+PE material construction tends to be more sensitive as you can see in the video below.

Coming to sound quality; it provided decent playback volume and quality is not that bad either.(Ehh Don’t get me;Check the video itself)

Hoverboards would be treasures for the beginners. I’m totally mind blown with this Q3 hoverboard that at a price of ~$280 you can get a top notch powerful segway.

“If you want a cheap, sturdy and unique segway which can produce some decent music; nothing can get better than this. “


While considering the Best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016, it is indeed our need to safeguard the product from any damage.

For long lasting of these hoverboards , couple Portable and lightweight handbag along with your Q3 Bluetooth Speaker Segway.

#4: Aosder Electric Segway

Despite the speed of the other best hoverboards , it’s is time to consider our safety and protection. Aosder Segways are truly built for that.

Aosber Segways are made with Alluminium alloy wheel surface Piano finish;the highest quality of the platform.

It has speed limited to 15km/hr and can bear loading of 120kg, which is the best of all hoverboards we have got.

With the 3 protection states; this hoverboard becomes the best in priority for safety.
It’s priced at $270 and comes with a long run upto 15-20km(depends on road and driver weight). Aosber segway can also deliver power upto 700W, which is enough to get the work done.

You can definitely get a pretty smooth ride with right balance, which requires a lot of practice.


Since Aosder Segways are made for our safety; its recommended to to use any helmets to be safer while riding.

Out of all the list of best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016, I personally love the Powerboard Hoverboard Segway due to its gorgeous look, best battery backup and pefomance.

At a price of $499, this hoverboard may not be a great deal.

The company has been very generous about colors, so they have this product listed in 5 colors – Blue, Black, Chrome, Red, White.

This product is commonly refered to by many names, and it competes with IOHawk, PhunkeeDuck, eRover, Leray, and Swagway.


The amazing fact about Powerboard hoverboard is that, they are truly made for battery life so that you could enjoy your ride even more.

It can charge this in less than a 60mins and give a battery life of about 6 hours. 🙂

Isn’t that great?

However, Powerboard Hoveboard could only manage to get a speed upto 12km/hr.

“Well.. Getting a Power house is like.. More Ride, More Enjoyment.. And this Powerboard hoverboard is no exception to battery life.”

For Under $500, It’s not bad to consider this product!

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Glyro hoverboard features Samsung Battery that powers scooter up to 10 miles, is water Resistant, Lightweight and portable when compared to others.

The fact that Glyro Turbo Hoverboards are best budget hoverboards you could get one, is because of the reason that they have lots of hoverboards lined up in series.

Wait for it.. The article would be out on our website soon..

Charging time is likely to be around 2 hours. It also has an impressive 10-mile range, a UL certified design, and sturdy smooth-rolling dual wheels.

Since this is water resistant, these are not meant to be taken out in bad  weather condition, as they sport an open-back design. It would be better to use indoors; in your house or a place where its safe.

Overall this product names its list in the best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016.



Thinking of getting one for your kid?

Well then.. It would be better to send him to a gym! 😛

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No wonder why they call this by the name ‘Twisting Segway‘, It has indeed sure that it has something to do with that.

Powered up by a 500W electric motor, this is insane powerful. Charging time is around 90 minutes, comes with 4400mAh Battery.

It sufficiently provides speed of 12km/hr  and coming at $379, it is going to be one the Best hoverboard of 2016.

It packs low noise and environmental protection features, and gives a mileage of 15-20km which is comparatively okay for the price.


“A8 Twister Hoverboard has a great performance overall that can’t be described, you need to hear it to experience it.”

Again this is also called the ‘Twisting Scooter‘.

Considering the Best hoverboard of 2016, S3 Twisting Segway is specially designed with Bluetooth function which means you can connect it with your mobile through Bluetooth and listen to music though this.

This product is great for outdoor, and is suitable for short distance office workers.


“If you’re a music lover, and hungry for riding; consider adding this in your wishlist.”

Its features include somewhat the same as of the other best 2 Wheel Segway.

It sports 120kg bearing weight, mileage of 20km and can speed up to 18km/hr which is regardless the best if which you can fairly get at this price point.

Now..Take a break and Watch this !! First Experience to Riding a hoverboard ..

Being the most featured hoverboard , Hover X Segway comes for $290 on Amazon. The battery life is long, it’s sturdy, heavy, and well-built.

If you could have got his product at a bit lower price, then this would have definitely been the best budget friendly and best 2 Wheel Segway.

It’s durability, handy carrying case, and smooth ride are prime features of this board. Its not at all noisy and give a speed of maximum 15 km/hr which is


regardless the best for the price you are searching for.

There is still a week more for the Christmas to come, and this could be the best budget friendly product you can afford to.


Design however looks similar to already mentioned Powerboard Hoverboard.

Mileage comes around 16km for this hoverboard.

“Hover X is the most featured segway on Amazon; Coming at just $290 it’s pretty much a great deal..”

#10: S2 Self Balancing Segway

Making this the next product from the S Brand, S2 hoverboard is much more colorful, fast, and you need to keep it charging all the time..

You don’t half to walk,it can last all day without any issue.

The only downside of S2 Segway is that its a bit heavy and doesn’t charge quick.

Unlike the S3, we mentioned before; this hoverboard limits its speed upto 12km/hr. All other features are exactly the same.


For a market filled with variety of Segways and Hoverboards:

I believe this article must have helped hoverboard -lovers who want best 2 Wheel Segway of 2016.

It’s highly recommended, to buy the ones listed here to get the best 2 Wheel Segway for the best price and under best budget.

If any of your friends are confused about what hoverboards/segways are the best for 2016 do refer them this article.

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