Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Reviews: Top 3 Picks!

Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Reviews: Top 3 Picks!

These are out Top Picks for the Review of the Best Bluetooth Hoverboard!


Bluetooth Hoveboards are a great way to isolate yourself from the world and enjoy peaceful time with your music turned on.

Bringing in a feature to play Bluetooth music on hoverboards is indeed great.

…You must be really a great music enthusiast, to reach this page;

Aren’t you?

Have you ever wondered how Bluetooth Hoverboards work? Don’t get me wrong.. I know you are not a noob. It works on Wireless Bluetooth Technology!

How do Bluetooth Hoverboards work?

The basic technology involved in this is Bluetooth.. To be precise, hoverboards have Bluetooth enabled in it which makes itself discoverable whenever it’s turned ON.

Connectivity performance and loudness of the speakers vary according to different types of hoverboards. Transferring files on Bluetooth is not quite fast..But It’s still enough for us to stream music anywhere.

If you’d like to know on which all devices would this hoverboard be discoverable to..the answer would be the phones which has bluetooth connectivity and also supports music streaming via bluetooth.

How to Stream Music to Bluetooth Hoverboard?

First of all, you will need to establish a bluetooth connection between your phone and your hoverboard. Just ON your bluetooth and switch ON bluetooth on your bluetooth hoverboard, You would now see a new Bluetooth device which is the Bluetooth Hoverboard itself.

Pair to the device and Play the music streamed via Bluetooth from the Music app options. Its fairy simple enough.

Its certain that you could control the playback from your phone and get your lovely songs played on it. Volume levels are too controllable.

Which is the Best Bluetooth Hoverboard?

When you are certainly in search of a Best Bluetooth Hoverboard, it’s obvious that you are going to take in many considerations along with it. If you want to make a clear decision to get the best Bluetooth hoverboard, then you must not stick onto just a single feature.


Some of the things which you must keep in mind while buying a hoverboard are:

  • Size: 6.5 inch wheel, 8 inch wheel, and 10 inch wheel.

Hoverboards can have different sizes starting from 6.5 inch with a fixed budget, and going over upto 10inch wheel. If you are considering to buy one for you kid, then 6.5inch should be the best match, Though it doesn’t make a huge price difference.

  • Cost: Budget Price or Maybe More for the Best!

Bluetooth hoverboards comes to start pricing from $280, for the Q3 Bluetooth Speaker Segway which we had recently published in our Top Best Segway of 2016!

  • Sound Quality and Loudness

You must keep in mind that, you cannot expect a great speaker sound quality as from your Desktop PC, but it must be comparatively good.

Something that must compromises with your budget that you are looking to get one should make in terms of sound quality and experience;

Though there aren’t many of them to wishlist, we have listed 3 of most common hoverboards in the market now.

Lets Now go over to the Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Brands!

..This goes in no particular order.

Top Picks for Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

#3. Q3 Bluetooth Speaker Segway

Q3 is not just a new brand, we could quietly see it getting renowned everywhere. Now they are into the Hoverboards too; which itself it becoming popular now.


Q3 Segways are well known for their Bluetooth Hoverboards; However the consequence of this is that, bluetooth is not compatible with iOS mobile phones.. Which means if you have an iPhone then this Segway will not work for you!

Looking over to its features, Q3 Segway comes powered by a 2 x 350W motors with 4400mAh capacity li-ion battery, giving a driving distance up to 20km. Its 6.5 inches wheels helps it in climbing slope up to 15 degrees.

Maximum speed comes around 10km/hr.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality of this Q3 Segway is comparatively not bad. It gives a good playback volume with quite good amount of treble and mids and bass being a little down. It would surely beat your phone speakers; But Its certainly worth the low budget.

At a price of ~$280, Its definitely a great pick for Best Bluetooth Hoverboard!

#2. Skque Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Skque Hoverboard comes with 10 inch wheels andLG/Samsung 4400 mAh battery. A much more stable and a faster responding hoverboard, making it safer and easier to control.

It weights about 13.5Kg-14.5Kg and has a maximum speed range upto 10Km/hr.

They also offer Surprisingly good sound quality as expected… along with 20-25Km of mileage.

Inside the box, you get a Smart Balancing Wheel, manual wall charger, and a free remote control to turn it on and off.


Sound Quality

It’s really fantastic to listen to music with this hoverboard. Such great sound quality with quite high BOOM bass sound makes this perfect. Along with great features, Its really makes this hoverboard much more unique.

Its really fun to ride this hoverboard which comes at a reliable price of $649.99 with some great music playback.


#1. SE Extreme

Who said that the Best Bluetooth Hoverboards shouldn’t be stylish looking.

This Hoverboard is the best looking Bluetooth Hoverboard.

Powered by a dual 400W motors, it can take you anywhere upto 15-35km away, with a load bearing capacity of 264lbs. It weighs only 31lbswhich is pretty much lighter compared to other hoverboards.


I hope you enjoyed this article and helped you in buying the Best Bluetooth Hoverboard.

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