Best Hoverboards for Kids: Ultimate Buying Guide!

Best Hoverboards for Kids: Ultimate Buying Guide!

Are you looking for the Best Hoverboards for Kids? Is it the Kids Hoverboard?

If yes! Then this article is really for you. 😀

You are going to witness some of the best hoverboards to buy for you kids. Its really true that Hoverboards are the most preferred gift during Christmas season by kids.

Its really appreciable when our kids too get a chance to play along with the hoverboard which all the present generation kids would really be wanting to get one.

Hoverboards could pretty much make any one happy. Hoverboards are mainly used for traveling short distances.. But still we use it just for fun.

Is Kids Hoverboard that Useful?

Well.. A BIG YES! 

Children being young and energetic are always ready to learn new things and are ready to play with whatever they get! You as parent are ready to fulfill not all..But some of them. You buy them things like cycle, tricycle and small scooter cycles. But not Hoverboard. Does that make a huge difference?

Alright.. We know that we are buying cycle, cause we know that its useful in someway or the other.  Riding cycles help them to stay fit and energetic always.

But is that the same for our hoverboards too?

Kids Hoverboard aren’t that useful compared to our ordinary tricycle.. cause it doesn’t require any of our muscle strength to get itself moved.

I can really assure you that choosing from our Best Hoverboards for Kids list could really be the best gift to give it any of your young children during any of their special occasions.. be it Birthdays or anything!

Also.. There are some awesome creativity stuffs that you could use to decorate your hoverboard even more. Recently.. hoverboard was put like a flying cloud from dragon ball which insanely gone viral on the internet.

What you need to Consider!

There are lots and lots of hoverboards in the market that are competing. Out of which you are going to sort some of the best one out to buy!

#1. Safety

As a parent you need to keep understand why is safety the first priority. Some of the hoverboards come in the market which are sometimes made by unknown sellers or maybe Chinese stuffs.


You must take care of the fact that the hoverboard is safe in all means and will never go wrong in anytime of its use.

#2. Child’s Age

Not all hoverboards are made for children. But there are some hoverboards called the Kids Hoverboard specifically made for children!


Kids of all ages could actually be able to ride a regular 6.5 inch wheel. There is actually no age limit for a kid to ride a hoverboard. Only thing is that the kid might feel that some of the hoverboard is too big for him.

#3. Hoverboard Size: Does it Matter?

Hoverboards come in size ranging like 6.5, 8 and 9 inches. All of them would be perfect for the kid since all the functionality and working of hoverboards is same for all hoverboards.

However the best hoverboards for kids would be the one of 6.5inch tired for more comfort.

#4. Limiting Speed

Kids do not require hoverboards which are build only for speeds. They are riding one just to enjoy. So we need to list the hoverboards which are having speed limiter which only the new versions of the hoverboards are having.

Kids hoverboard would be the best with speed being not more than 6mph. Do remember that it’s due to the over-speeds dangers occur. Just try to get one which is on the safer side.

Getting a reliable 2-wheel- kids scooter could be made more safer by putting on a helmet and leg-pads to avoid injury during any accidents.

Best Hoverboards for Kids

#1. Leray Self Balancing Scooter

Leray Hoverboard is based on pretty neat concept which makes it go little slower than the normal hoverboards. This ensures more safety especially for children that makes this the best hoverboards for kids.

This kids hoverboard scooter weighs approximately 29lbs, and can be carried around in one hand with reasonable ease. Children below 12 may find it difficult to carry this with one hand.

This hoverboard works on basic principle of hoverboard. i.e. the two pressure sensitivepads that help it to navigate forward and backward. A little change in the pressure on both pads helps you to turn left or right or maybe a 360 round.

This is a 6.5 inch tired hoverboard and can give a max speed upto 10km/hr and a mileage of 15km. Kids shouldn’t have a problem with this if they are under parental guidance.

#2. FEBER Dareway 12V Electric Scooter


FEBER Dareway is a beautiful looking electric scootermade specially for kids. The best part about this scooter is its stickers attached to it which attracts almost any kid.

Though this isn’t a real hoverboard, it’s designed somewhat with a hoverboard design.

This electric scooter for kids comes on amazon only at $260. It has a acceleration pedal that can be used by the kid to move forward.

Two buttons are also placed on the handle of the electric scooter as controls to turn right or left. Pressing both of them together makes it act as a reverse gear.

  The wheels are pretty dope. They are not that bad.. But could wear off after quite long use for a long time.

Do keep in mind that the max weight limit for this kids hoverboard is 40kg.

#3. Swagway X1 Hands-free Hoverboard

Isn’t this swagway hoverboard looking damn amazing? Its really beautiful..right?

Swagway X1 hoverboards are made with a speed bummer to control its speed and to provide more security measure. Max load this swagway could take up is 100kg, which actually doesn’t matter since this is also usable by children.

Swagway X1 comes in 5 different variants on amazon and comes in a pretty cool packed box. (See the picture above) 😀

Its powered by a 110Wh Lithium battery, Thus providing a battery life that can last as long as 5 hours in a single charge. Max speed of this comes upto around 13-14mph.

Read our Review on SwagwayX1!

It comes on Amazon only for $399.99, Believe me.. Its really worth the price.!


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