Hendo Hoverboard Price: REAL Hoverboard Price?

Hendo Hoverboard Price: REAL Hoverboard Price?

Evolution of HOVERBOARDS started from the Hendo Hoverboards and is still now the biggest producer for Hoverboards. Its more likely to be a magical air standing vehicle.

In this article we take you to some of the Best Hendo Hoverboards and prices at which they are sold for!


Have you heard of Hendo Hoverboards?...How much do you think is the Hendo Hoverboard Price?

Well.. Hendo Hoverboards are the REAL hoverboards that exist now.

..How awesome do you think it would be to ride in air like an avenger or a spider-man! That was just a fantasy animation we were believing that did not exist ..

But NOW… We have everything to its great technological extent! and Hendo Hoverboard is one of a kind.

Here I’ll show you the Hendo Hoverboards, some of its Evolution and why its hoverboards are priced so damn high?

If you’re ready; shall we jump straight into its beginning?

Let’s start!

Evolution of Hoverboard Hendo

If you could go around the history in the evolution of Hendo Hoverboards, you could surely get an idea on how the hoverboard was actually designed and how it actually works.

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Hendo is the only company that has struggled so hard to put the best in Hoverboards and has made a huge success to its enabling technologies which is now existing as.

Hendo says that, The magic behind the hoverboard lies in its disc-shaped hover engines. These engines induce an opposing magnetic field in the surface substrate below that provides lift, levitating our board off the ground.

Really cool right..?

Hendo Hoverboards aren’t build for the final release. They are still under development. The one’s shown in the images are just for illustration purposes. Maybe it could look even more cool.!

Hendo Hoverboard Price

How to make a real working hoverboard?  Hmm.. Its impossible to play with science than could conflict with nature. But… we are ready for it!!

Hendo Hoverboard raised a huge amount of about $510,590 on Kickstarter to build and actual working hoverboard. The Hendo Hoverboard Price is estimated to be $10,000 each(if it works).

Hendo is introducing the world’s first REAL hoverboard and the hover developer kit. Till now 3,169 backers has pledged $510,590 to help bring this project to life.

The technology mainly used in this is of Magnetic Field which involves electromagnets attached to the base of the board to repel to any non-ferrous surface below it.

Greg and Jill Henderson are the main two people who are involved in building this hoverboard, and they believe that these kind of hoverboards could surely make a huge difference in the way we view transportation.

The Hendo Hoverboards was supposed to be ready in the market by 2015. Since they could not get it completed by then, We could nearly wait for its launch by the end of 2016.


I know this isn’t a great piece of tech. But we could still appreciate them for their hard work they put into discovering one.

Yes.. Hendo Hoverboard Price is damn high when considering the Segway hoverboards too.

I really do think this article would have helped you in knowing more about Hendo Hoverboards.

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