How Much do Hoverboards cost? Get Cheaper here!

How Much do Hoverboards cost? Get Cheaper here!

Do you have question like How much do hoverboards cost? Hoverboard Prices?


how much is a hoverboard for sale?

These questions don’t look that simple as they are, do they?

You need not be a segway/hoverboard expert to choose a right hoverboard for you…

…but being blank will not do any good either.

That’s why…

…in this post I’m taking you to a simple concept about pricing of hoverboards in the market out there and how to get the best one at the right budget.

Digging the Truth: How Much do Hoverboards cost?

Its is really true fact that Hoverboards are the hottest gifts of this year. Being also known as the ‘Segway’ or the ‘Self Balancing Scooter’; they are making out living even easier.

It was on olden time to catch a bus or taxi,;now it is as easy as going relaxed with your hoverboard.

The lowest price for these hoverboards start from $300, which is quite affordable. But, what doesn’t let us buy the low priced ones are due to the feature difference.

Well..It’s same as comparing a high end smartphone with a budget one.

However there are variety of hoverboards on the market now.

It is really a great fuss to choose the right one. That’s why this article is for!

AirWheel vs Hoverboard

If you haven’t read our Different Types of Hoverboards, then we could just brief that out. But..It’s highly RECOMMENDED that you read that one too.

Hoverboards are generally classified into two- Airwheel and Hoverboard.

What differentiates them, is their design, features, way of control and basically the wheel placement. Airwheel just have a large wheel (or two, depending on the model) in the middle of the pressure-sensitive pads on either side.

Hoverboards which we basically use are the one’s with two wheel on the either side and the pressure sensitive pad for the controls.

PC Advisor has listed out the more main differences between them, Do check them out!

It is really recommended to buy hoverboards between the range of $300- $500 for beginners.

Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboards

Which has the best features? which has the best speed? which is the safest?

Yess.. I know, These Question popups on everyone’s mind.

Its exactly not that hard to find a product you wish to get for. Under a budget of $500, we could get many varieties of hoverboards.

Counting on the fact that you are a beginner, It also happens that the most expensive hoverboards price at nearly $1,800. On the other hand, others can be just bought for as little as $300.

Well.. $300-$500 Hoverboard price range could give you a list of many hoverboards.

Some of them include Q3 Segway which comes at only ~$280, regarded as the best segway of the month, Shenzhen segway, Aosber segway, Powerboard Hoverboard Segwayand more.


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