Scooter Era 1

Scooter Era 1

The Scooter Era One, commonly abbreviated as SE 1, is an UL certified 6.5-inch hoverboard whose style and functionality are unquestionable. At the retail price of approximately $299.99, you can enjoy using this hoverboard around your office or neighborhood.

The hoverboard is built for durability and style. Among its main features include;

Chrome Rimmed Sleek Design

SE1 comes with the decorative and protective properties of chromium plate on its rims. It is not only good to look at but also sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. It comes with a sleek design to attract the upwardly mobile office workers who are not only sensitive about functionality but also their style.

Six Inch Wheels wrapped in Rubber Tires

The hoverboard comes with a 6-inch clearance to enable the rider move around in all types of terrains. The rubber tires cushion the rider from the bumpy ride when riding on uneven terrain.

Top Speed: 10 Kilometers per Mile

At top speed of 10 kilometers per hour, the SE1 is not only safe to ride but a good commuting tool to work. You can use it for your daily work commute as well to run errands such as shopping in your neighborhood store.

A Lithium Ion Battery

A Lithium battery is known for its long staying power. The SE1 is fitted with one to power it for a total distance of 20 kilometer when it is fully charged.

Dual 350W Motors

With Dual 350 Watt Motors, this hoverboard is at the top of the market. The motors derive their power from the hoverboard and then power the wheel movement of the scooter. The motors are reliable and can server you for 2 years without requiring repairs or spare parts.

Battery Fully Charged in 3 Hours

You can dock your hoverboard to power in your office as you go about your business and then use it to rush to your lunch date. It takes just 3 hours to get the battery fully charged.

Other Specifications:

Dimensions 23 by 7.3 by 7.1 inches
Weight of the Hoverboard 22 pounds
Maximum weight capacity 220 pounds
Battery Li-Ion 36 volts
Color Black


There is a compelling reason to buy the SE1 if the testimonies of those who have used it are anything to go with. About 90% of those that have used the SE1 are satisfied with its utilitarian value. We have shared some of the testimonies here;

Easy to learn, really high quality

“This is a 5 Star Product!! It only took me a minute to figure out and once I did, I was on it for hours. The battery life was great and the ride was so smooth. I was really impressed with the quality of the product, it’s really top of the line. Overall, this is an excellent hoverboard. It is easy to use, and its durability will ensure a confident ride. UL-certified battery means it’s a safe choice so if you are new to hoverboards, there are no worries and this is a great one to get.” ~ Taylor on Jun 21, 2017

I Love it

“Love this hover board! Sharp turning radius, smooth ride, pretty quiet even at full speed – no complaints so far!” ~ Jamie on Jun 14, 2017

Best 6.5-Inch Hoverboard

“There are a lot of junk hoverboards out there but the SE ONE is the new gold standard and in my opinion the best 6.5″ wheel hoverboard on the market. It is a sleek ride and the battery is awesome!”
“The motors are powerful and ultra quiet and the quality is so good, it doesn’t compare to the cheapo hoverboards you find on the market. If you have the budget, and it’s a 6.5″ board you want, this model is the best one out there.” ~ Alex on Jun 09, 2017


“Really fun to ride and was easy to learn how to balance. Seems well built and is heavy but in a good way as it feels really solid when riding.” ~ Elisha on Jun 04, 2017

SE1 is UL Certified

By getting a UL Certification, it means the SE1 has met all the performance, environmental, mechanical and electrical standards. It also means that the scooter has undergone all the requisite tests that are administered by the Underwriters Laboratories. The UL is an internationally respected organization that is credited with standardizing consumer products by ensuring they are safe to handle and use.

For any consumer product to become UL Certified, it will have to go through and pass the following tests;

Electrical Tests – These tests include; grounding continuity test, current leakage test, resistance isolation tests, dielectric voltage withstand test, imbalanced charging test, over discharge test, temperature test and overcharge test.

Mechanical Tests – These tests include; cord anchorage test, motor locked rotor test, motor overload tests, handle loading tests, mold stress relief tests, drop tests, crush tests, shock tests, and vibration tests.

Environmental tests – label permanence tests, thermal cycling tests, and water exposure tests.

Note that the Scooter Era 1 has undergone all the above tests and has passed with flying colors. It is the safest hoverboard in the market today.


The SE1 come with a 30-day limited warranty. This warranty cover manufacturer’s defects as well as faulty workmanship, ensuring that client gets value for money. In the rare event that your SE1 will be found faulty, the manufacturer of Scooter Era will either repair or replace your hoverboard at no additional cost. This is how the company guarantees its workmanship. The warranty will however not cover damage or loss as a result of the SE1 owners misuse, accident, or negligence. The customer will also cover the expenses of shipping the hoverboard back to ScooterEra for the repair or replacement.


  • Sturdy design with a large clearance to allow movement in uneven terrain.
  • Warranty to cover poor workmanship.
  • UL certification to ensure safety in use and handling.
  • Sleek design with chromium plating to increase its ostentation value.


  • Customer has to cover the cost of shipping back the SE1 to Scooter Era in case it has faulty workmanship.
  • It has a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour and a range of 20 kilometers, making it uneconomical and inefficient for long commutes.

Sreekant Shenoy

Sreekant is Founder, Writer and Editor @RideMyHoverboard! He is an technology enthusiast and loves playing with different types of Segways and is fascinated about anything that is related to tech.