Scooter Era Extreme

Scooter Era Extreme

The Scooter Era Extreme, abbreviated as SE extreme, is an UL Certified Hoverboard that claims the title of rugged terrain vehicle. At the competitive rate of $449, this hoverboard is what you have been looking for to make your daily commute to work a real joy. It is an 8.5-inch hoverboard whose sturdy frame is built to carry heavier people compared to the Scooter Era One.

Its style and design speaks class. Riding this hoverboard down the street will turn heads. Below are the specifications that make it special:

Shock Absorbing, All-Terrain Tires

The tires cushion you from the bumps experienced when travelling on rough terrain. The tires are made to withstand all manner of surfaces. They are built for durability.

Scooter Era Extreme

8.5-Inches Alloy Rims

Alloys are a mix of two metallic elements to make the resultant metal strength, beauty and resistance to corrosion. With an 8.5-inches ground clearance and alloy rims, you are assured of a very sturdy hoverboard.

Dual 400-Watt Motors

The 400-watt motors on the Scooter Era Extreme make it a powerful hoverboard. They get energy from a 36 volts LG battery and then transfer this energy to the wheels of the hoverboard.

15 Kilometers per Hour Speed

15 kilometers per hour speed is not very fast but if you are out on the streets for leisure or to run home errands like shopping, this speed is fantastic.

Ingress Protection 54 Water Proof and Dust Proof

The Scooter Era Extreme comes with IP54 marking. This is an IEC standard 60529 that classifies the degree of protection against intrusion by body parts, dust, accidental contact, electrical enclosures and mechanical casings. This protection ensures durability to the mechanical and engineering soundness of the hoverboard.

Front/Rear LED Lights

If you are riding the hoverboard at night, you will need illumination. The front lights will allow you to see where you are going and the rear lights will reflect your presence to other motorists.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connectivity in the age of the “internet of things” has become a must have. You can use your tablet or smartphone to control how your Scooter Era Extreme works. You can even play music from your hoverboard using your smartphone.

Sleek Design

The sleek design of the hoverboard comes with an oversized mudguards to make it look futuristic. You will enjoy the feel of the hoverboard under your feet.

2.5 Hours to Be Fully Charged

You will only need to dock your hoverboard to power for 2.5 hours to get enough energy to take you as far as 15 kilometers. A fully charged battery has a range of 15 kilometers.

Aluminum Frame

The Scooter Era Extreme boasts an aluminum frame that makes it a very sturdy hoverboard. It is built to withstand rough handling.

Track Your Device Using a Mobile App

The hoverboard is customized to connect with an app on your smartphone so that at any particular time, you can track the whereabouts of your device.

Multiple Performance Modes

With Scooter Era Extreme you get multiple performance modes. This means you can change from cruise to drive mode seamlessly.

Detachable Battery

The Scooter Era Extreme comes with a battery that you can detach. This means that if it is malfunctioning or is not storing charge for long, then you can easily replace it with another.

Additional Specifications

Dimension 27.6 by 8.7 by 9.1 inches
Ground Clearance 1.5-inches
Weight of Hoverboard 31 pounds
Maximum Weight Capacity 264 pounds
Battery LG 36 Volts
Electrical Adapter Direct Current 42 volts or 1.5 Amperes alternating current.
Color Black & Gray

What the Customers Say

Customers that have previously bought the SE Extreme has good things to say about the design, functionality and style of the hoverboard. We have shared some of their sentiments below:

Best Hover Board

“Best Hover Board I have ever used by far. The premium quality and easy handling make the ride smooth and easy. I found it easier to learn to ride than most other Hover Boards on the market. The extra features; lights, turn signal, blue tooth connection, that come with this design just add to the overall experience. Anyone looking to purchase a hover board should consider this product.” ~ Connor on Jun 01, 2017

Good Quality, Easy to Ride

“This is a great product! It only took me a minute to figure out the whole balancing thing. It’s really sensitive to weight which makes it feel really natural and intuitive to ride. It can pick up speed pretty quickly and the tires feel really smooth, even with speed! I was really impressed with the quality of the product, it’s really top of the line. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable and good quality hoverboard!” ~ Madeleine on May 29, 2017

New to Hover Boards

“I had never been on a hover board before so I wasn’t quite sure how hard it would be to use one of them. My first time going on the scooter era extreme I had a few wobbles but was able to quickly grasp how to use it. One neat feature I found pretty cool was the signal lights on the back. I was skeptical of buying this because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be quality material but I could tell right away that this has all the bells and whistles. I even love how I can put it with my phone through Bluetooth to tell me how fast I am going. All in all this was a great price for an amazing hover board and I would definitely recommend it.” ~ Kelley on May 26, 2017

Amazing Product

“Amazing product. This is so much more than a toy to play around on (although it is great for that too). The powerful motors and all terrain tires make the ride speedy while looking sleek at the same time. I feel great riding it. The wider foot board and tires make it super smooth and comfortable to ride. The battery life seems to be pretty good and has not been an issue for my usage. Overall I love this product and would HIGHLY recommend.” ~ Sabrina on May 23, 2017

SE1 is UL Certified

By getting a UL Certification, it means the SE Extreme has met all the performance, environmental, mechanical and electrical standards. It also means that the scooter has undergone all the requisite tests that are administered by the Underwriters Laboratories. The UL is an internationally respected organization that is credited with standardizing consumer products by ensuring they are safe to handle and use.

For any consumer product to become UL Certified, it will have to go through and pass the following tests;

Electrical Tests – These tests include; grounding continuity test, current leakage test, resistance isolation tests, dielectric voltage withstand test, imbalanced charging test, over discharge test, temperature test and overcharge test.

Mechanical Tests – These tests include; cord anchorage test, motor locked rotor test, motor overload tests, handle loading tests, mold stress relief tests, drop tests, crush tests, shock tests, and vibration tests.

Environmental tests – Label permanence tests, thermal cycling tests, and water exposure tests.

Note that the Scooter Era Extreme has undergone all the above tests and has passed with flying colors. It is the safest hoverboard in the market today.


The SE Extreme come with a 30-day limited warranty. This warranty cover manufacturer’s defects as well as faulty workmanship, ensuring that client gets value for money. In the rare event that your SE Extreme will be found faulty, the manufacturer of Scooter Era will either repair or replace your hoverboard at no additional cost. This is how the company guarantees its workmanship. The warranty will however not cover damage or loss as a result of the SE Extreme owners misuse, accident, or negligence. The customer will also cover the expenses of shipping the hoverboard back to ScooterEra for the repair or replacement.


  • Sturdy design with an 8.5 to allow movement in uneven terrain.
  • Warranty to cover poor workmanship.
  • UL certification to ensure safety in use and handling.


  • It is a little bit pricey for a hoverboard
  • Customers take care of the cost of shipping the faulty hoverboard back to ScooterEra.

Sreekant Shenoy

Sreekant is Founder, Writer and Editor @RideMyHoverboard! He is an technology enthusiast and loves playing with different types of Segways and is fascinated about anything that is related to tech.