Segway Price in India , Buy at Best Prices Across ..

Segway Price in India , Buy at Best Prices Across ..

Are you searching for the best Segway Price in India ? Do you know how much does a hoverboard actually cost?

Well. Actually segways are of different types, and thus they vary with their pricing.

…Why not I help you buy a segway in India.!

There wouldn’t be any issue of paying taxes at customs for imported items.

Really I am serious..

Segway Price in India?

Most of the segway in the market comes priced around $400-$900, which is equal to (INR 24,000 – 45,000). If you this that this overpriced, then you are wrong.

Segways are essentially used in riding though long distances without the need to waste energy on walking. Of course this is not that really required in India, just because of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan’s in-completion.

Well, These segways are just for fun.

Can I Ride This Outside?

It’s always recommended to ride this segway on a plane concrete floor, Roads are too fine. However riding over an uneven surface, then you might probably fall out.

” Riding Segways or Hoverboards on Roads with heavy traffic is not at all allowed in India. Road Lanes are okay to ride on.”

Still, riding at some malls and other spaces are okay. Just be aware that the rules may not always be on your side.

Where Can I buy this Segway?

Since Segways or hoverboards aren’t currently manufactured or shipped to India, You can probably check if any amazon sellers ship items to India.

We have more options anyway…

It’s really recommended to buy a helmet with the segway to protect yourself from any injuries.

Here’s a list of the best hoverboards / Segway / swegways / self-balancing boards (or whatever you call them) that you can buy in the India.

>> Riding a two-wheeled Segway or trendy hoverboard scooter on the streets of Britain is illegal, the Metropolitan Police has announced. Read More

With the market, flood with tons and tons of hoverboard products, buying from eBay is extremely the best choice for India because of its wide-spread shipping abilities.

#1.  Self Balancing Electric Scooter Unicycle


This segway features smart auto-stabilizing technology which is basically called the gyroscope sensor.

It helps you to balance even well.

The pressure sensitive pads can understand how your weight is being distributed. Thereby making this as controls.

Its built-in gyroscope helps keep you up right, and its design allows full 360 degree rotation on the spot. This segway price in India on eBay is Rs. 21,999.

It can carry a max load of 100kg, which is pretty great. However the only downside of this product is that it can go only upto a max speed of 10km/hr.

The segway itself weighs 10.5 kg and can give a mileage of approx 10-15km on a full charge. Check them out in 5 different colors.

#2. Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The unique feature of this segway is that it can go upto a maximum speed of 18 km/hr; which means more awesomeness..


This Two wheels smart self balancing electric scooter can go forwards, backwards, and steering is controlled by Dynamic equilibrium.

This budget friendly segway comes at Rs. 24,990.00 on eBay, which is nearly the best Segway Price in India.

It is powered by a Samsung 36V*4.4AH(158WH) Battery making it more safer from battery explosions. Charging Time  are around 30-60 Mins with its fast charging feature and can give you a long run of 15km in range.

The mini Segway is more convenient safer and easier to learn.

#3. Smart Self Balancing Wheel Electric

This Segway is by the most well know company Chic-Smart, who are specialized in products like hoverboards and segways.


Coming at just Rs. 23,500.00, this segway can bear a load upto 100kg and gives a top speed of 18km/hr.

Powered by Lithium ion battery can last this upto a range of 15-20km. It can also climb hilly area’s of 15 degree and charging time is around 90 minutes.


Wohh! Have you made a decision by now?

I hope this article was able to provide valuable information about Segway Price in India.

We would be updating this article regularly to keep you updated with the new Segway in the market.

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Sreekant Shenoy

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