Swagway X1 Self Balancing Scooter Review

Swagway X1 Self Balancing Scooter Review

Swagway X1 Review is must read. 

.. If you going onto Swagway or Segway; X1 is very much unique and really has something cool to tell you..? 

A segway that will up the quality level along with great design and tons of features.

..You might be considering to buy this swagway considering its popularity and its budget price. That’s not all. Its really special in many ways.

You’ve approached to the right website..  🙂  HOLD your breath and enjoy THE Swagway x1 Review which is really a powerful hoverboard.

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Swagway X1 Smart Board

Segway, Swagway, Smart board or hoverboard.. All you call this are the same. They are called Swagways since they are more of a swag type.. If you know what I mean.

Swagway hoverboards are made truly for the present cool swag-generation.

Looking for a quality unit at a reasonable price from a good seller, the most preference surely goes to the Swagway X1.

Swagway X1 comes in 5 different variants: Blue, Garten, Yellow, Pink and Black.

The packaging of the product looks really fantastic and really makes the customers amusing to buy one.

Swagway x1 comes on the market priced at $499.99 which is relatively not a bad price. It produces the best performance for this price range.


It’s really true that anybody can master hoverboards in less than 5 minutes and same is the case here.

We take the fun of a skateboard, make it as easy to use as a motor scooter, and then give it an extra bit of swag.  It’s fun, it’s practical, and as cool as the other side of the pillow and swagway x1 is no exception

Swagway X1 hoverboard comes powered by a 110Wh Lithium battery and comes with 100-240v AC charger with US plugs. It charges full in about an hour, which is pretty decent.

Slightly shorter charging time and slightly longer use time compared to other hoverboards

The Segway can go to a max speed of up-to 13-14mph which is considerably way better when compared with other hoverboards in this price range like the Powerboard Hoverboardwhich can give only 8mph.


If you’re a speed junkie, this may be a bummer, but it’s a safe feature in my opinion.

The maximum load swagway x1 could bear is 220 pounds which nearly comes to 100kg.

The best thing about this Swagway is its motor itself. It’s damn powerful. Its motor is made up with an intelligent design. It can warn you if you are going at way high speed. Also it limits the speed of your ride to reduce accidents.

That could possibly be a reason to buy this Swagway X1.

As in all the hoverboards, you need to have your legs placed on both the pressure sensitive pads to move around.

Talking over its design, It’s made up much of a super-glassy finish.. Giving it a neat and elegant look. Also it prevents scratches to the body, keeps it looking new.

It is also recommended to grab along a hoverboard hand bag to carry this thing out; It can protect your swagway and also make your product last even longer.

It’s super durable for what it is and affordable too at this low hoverboard price at only $499.

They come with led lights in the front as well to illuminate the riders travel. The board is incredibly responsive, and a ton of fun to ride.

How Does Swagway X1 It Work?

Hahaa.. So you are a NEWBIE I guess.. 🙂  Well No probs.

..You need not be an expert to get this mastered, It’s simply as easy to ride this swagway. Just get both your legs on the two pressure sensitive pads, and slowly start to bend your feet in the direction you need to ride it.

No worries, if you can’t stand on a sudden onto the hoverboard. It will only start to move once it senses that both the legs are equally balanced on it.


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Is it Better?

It could be granted as good, but not the perfect ones.

Hoverboard Price in indeed a great factor along with the origin of Manufacture of this product. Well.. Swagway X1 is a US Manufactured brand, Trustworthy and One year warranty if you register online.

If you want to get the real guarantee from an authorized seller, then its your only choice to order this product from Amazon.



At a price of $499, this hoverboard is a great deal. There are lots of hoverboards to choose from. If you wish to get a hoverboard for $500, Getting this Swagway X1 hoverboard would be really worth the choose.

You really do have a BIG breath holding capacity!

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