Where to Buy a Hoverboard? Get Best Hoverboard!

Where to Buy a Hoverboard? Get Best Hoverboard!

Are you a hoverboard lover? and looking for some best places to get hoverboards? Where to buy a hoverboard?

If so, then you are at the right place and this will surely make you search over.

With this guide I’m going to show you some cool places to buy hoverboard under a budget.

Usually if you area a kinda beginner, then you might not be able to afford to some of the most popular and expensive hoverboards..

…hence with this guide I’d focus on the cheaper and best quality hoverboard markets that would be worth every penny you pay.

Hence without wasting anymore time, lets jump right into it..

Are you guys ready?

Lets start!

But.. Hey…wait. Before we get into the list I’d like to take a short overview on the basic things you need to keep in your mind to get the best market place product.

I’m sure.. It wouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Looking for Best Hoverboard Market Place?

Important things to consider

1. Guarantee Products: Well.. Most of the products in the market comes duplicated by Chinese manufacturers. Most importantly, they do not give a guarantee to their products. which means if anything goes wrong about the product, they you have no other option than to throw away that product.

Just take in consideration to buy hoverboards from good reputed sellers. Amazon, EBay, Gearbest are some of the best we could suggest you to buy from.

2. Shipping Charges: Products you buy internationally might have customs issues when it comes to your location. SO bear in mind.. to calculate extra charges in advance (if it occurs).

Similarly, if you have any shipping doubts to clear with the seller regarding the hoverboard order you made, then do ask them for the shipping tracking number so that you can have a clear view on where your product is currently.

3. Hoverboard Quality & Safety: It doesn’t matter how costly hoverboard you buy, only take into consideration the quality of the product.. else the product is only good to throw out of the door.

Safety is certainly another precaution measure you need to take up. You just need to make sure that you don’t buy cheap products without UL- battery certification.

Since you are a great hoverboard lover, you definitely require some cool hoverboards..and we believe you won’t make mistakes as we suggested above. Won’t you?

Keeping all these in mind I’ve selected some cool best places from where to buy a Hoverboard?

More of the introduction, let’s jump into where to buy hoverboard online.

Top 3 Sites Where to Buy a Hoverboard

#3: Scooterera

To be honest, Scooterera is one of my favorite and best electronic seller site. Scooterera consists of many 2 Wheel Segways, Swagways, and Self Balancing Scooters.

One of the major advantage of buying a hoverboard from this website is that, it has delivery access to almost all the places on the earth.. Yes.. It has many courier connections through which it would deliver to us.

If you’re a US citizen, then these might not at all be a problem for you!

Some Advantages are:

  • Shipping almost to all places (including India and other places)
  • PayPal Payment Only
  • Easy Product Tracking
  • Safety Hoverboard (Certified)
  • Price Protection and Money Back Guarantee

Check some cool hoverboards on Scooterera!

#2: EBay

Ebay which is a popular consumer-to-consumer seller site has grown so huge since the past few years. Hoverboards are also available her at very cost cutting price.

Indeed you need to check this website if you are searching for some cool budget hoverboards with awesome deals and freebies.


One advantage you could get from buying from a market place like this is that, you could purchase from a global Ebay.com site and get it delivered to your location.

However the payment option available here for credit cards is only PayPal. It’d really better to purchase here because you can get your VISA/ Mastercard/ American Express cards processed for buying hoverboards.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that since this is a customer-to-customer interaction site, you need to be extra careful enough to spot out the best product of the listing.

Ebay products can sometimes be duplicate/ Chinese products. So it all lies in your hands to figure out the right product for you!

If you ask me “Where to Buy a Hoverboard” .. Certainly one of my suggestion would surely be EBay!

Some Advantages are:

  • Ebay Money back Guarantee
  • Customer-to-customer interaction (Means you could actually request for freebies)
  • Getting Tracking Number might be hard!
  • More Deals compared to other sites


#1: Amazon

Amazon, probably the biggest stores online!


Amazon has been the #1 trend in selling self balancing scooters and hoverboards in the online stores. Out of all the hoverboards we have suggested in out website, we have used Amazon products just because they’ve the largest collection and the best quality hoverboards.

All hoverboards come with FREE SHIPPING and provides delivery almost to all places, but still excludes some. You can get either check for sellers that ship internationally or purchase from Ebay!

Some of the most popular hoverboards available on Amazon are Powerboard hoverboard, Swagway X1 and Black Self Balancing Scooter.

Besides every product, reviews with photos from certified buyers are present, which really helps us in choosing the right product for us. Here the greatest advantage is also the option to purchase with different options.

Now if you ask me Where to Buy a hoverboard, Amazon would be my best preferred choice.

Some Advantages are:

  • Ships to many places (But.. Gearbest has even more)
  • Customer Reviews with Photos
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty



I do hope with the help of this guide, you were able to find some best places to buy a hoverboard online. I’d like also like to take your minute in reading our article if you want to buy real hoverboard!

Hope you’re satisfied with our recommendation on buying hoverboards for hoverboard lovers like you.

Do ask us queries if you’ve any.. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you! 🙂

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Sreekant Shenoy

Sreekant is Founder, Writer and Editor @RideMyHoverboard! He is an technology enthusiast and loves playing with different types of Segways and is fascinated about anything that is related to tech.